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Buy Sky High Online, It is a VERY potent aroma blend, even more potent than Bubblebud / Smokey so it is not for beginners to these kinds of Potpourri.

SKYHIGH is formulated from the highest quality marshmallow herbs, infused with vanilla essence and 5F-MDMB-2201 to deliver a fantastic aroma and a very aesthetically pleasing herbal blend.

This product is sold only for use in research settings.

It is not meant to be burned, and researchers are advised to wear the necessary safety year while handling this product, as it contains a synthetic cannabinoid and is a highly potent one

When you walk into Grass Roots Medicinal in Squamish you only get access to the waiting room. There, a small counter offers bongs and other glassware for sale. All the good stuff — the grass the store gets its name from — is locked up behind a second door, out of reach. To get there, you have to sign up to become a member, which means providing some proof of an ailment that cannibis might help you with.

“We are strictly medicinal,” says co-owner Don Fauchon, who offers to unlock the door and give me a tour. Inside lies a plethora of products, spread out in an atmosphere as clean and clinical as a pharmacy. There are dozens of glass jars of cannabis flowers, running from “daytime” selections that will keep you alert and creative, to others that will sink you into the couch, most for $10 a gram. There are sodas infused with cannabis, gluten-free cookies, and even dog treats (popular for owners who need to make a long trip and want their dog to be chill for the ride, says Fauchon). There are syringes of expensive oil concentrates that can be dropped onto ice and swallowed like a pill, and amber-coloured ‘shatter’ that looks like hardened sap. There are suppositories, to bypass the liver and avoid a high.

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